My login from the old website doesn't work anymore. How can I login again?

In the new website we always start from your email address.  Log in with this address and follow the procedure . If this does not work, send an email with your full name, organisation and email address to imagelaunch@belga.be. Our colleagues on the support team will help you on your way.

In the previous website I saw more sources, now less

That's right. We are still uploading a lot of sources (and photos), but also chose to distance ourselves from a specific set of sources. The sources that you can freely download within your subscription should all be there. If you notice anything unusual there, feel free to give us a call at imagelaunch@belga.be.

My download history and lightboxes from the previous website have disappeared

That is correct. With the new website, we are making the step to a completely new platform. Things from the old platform will be kept behind the screens, so that your invoice is correct, of course.

I already had a login on the new website, but that does not work anymore.

We are bringing together all our photos and videos on this new website. If you already had a login on the old belgaimage.be site, then this one prevails. In the back office, we had to make choices, so it is possible that your login fails here. If you encounter this problem, please contact imagelaunch@belga.be and we will see how we can solve it quickly.

I had prepared photos in the previous website, but I cannot find them (all) in the new one.

Due to the switch to an entirely new platform, it was far from easy to take over these selections. If it is important for you to still be able to purchase the old photos, please let us know at imagelaunch@belga.be. Then we can work with you to see how we can help you get them.

I am asked to log in with my email address. I am trying, but it does not work.

It could be that your email address is not yet known in our back office. If you notice this, please contact imagelaunch@belga.be. Our support colleagues will then take care of it.

How do I change my password

Go to 'my accounts', section 'credentials' and choose 'change password'.

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